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Overview of Sri Lanka

Why Sri Lanka

Here are 5 reasons to choose Sri Lanka as a place for your expansion.

Strategically situated island at the crossroads of major shipping channels to South Asia, the Far East and the continents of America and Europe, making the country a convenient port of call for airfreight services and shipping lines.

A country of many facets, Sri Lanka offers a spectrum of experiences, cultures and places for those who enjoy diversity and variety. The country’s expansive beaches, rolling hills, rainforests and cosmopolitan cities make Sri Lanka an eclectic experience for all.

There are a number of incentives given by the government to boost the FDIs flowing into the country. Those are in the form of fiscal incentives, concessions and through bilateral investment protection treaties (BITs).

Sri Lanka comprises a highly versatile and skilled workforce which is cost competitive, highly productive and bilingual. Majority of the Sri Lankan workforce consists of highly qualified professionals having extensive experience in numerous fields such as information technology, manufacturing, finance and accounting, fashion design and law.

There are ambitious programs to develop and completely upgrade seaports around the island, the international airports, roads in the city of Colombo and highways connecting to other parts of the country and power and telecommunication facilities.

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