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Overview of Nepal

Why Nepal

Here are 5 reasons to choose Nepal as a place for your expansion.

Up to 100% ownership allowed to Foreign Investors.
Repatriation is fully allowed.

Low cost of Labour.
Educated Workflow.

Nepal has air networks with its major neighbouring countries like India, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia. At present Nepal has only one International Airport. Two International Airports are under construction which will come into operation in the very near future.

Provision of Non Nationalization and National Treatment.
Land ownership allowed in the Company’s name.

Nepal is situated between China and India which are two growing giant economies of the world. It has an open border and has duty free access with India. Over 8000 products have duty free access with China. Beside these it has more than 70 products duty free access with USD till 2026 and has duty free access with EU.

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