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Here are 5 reasons to choose Philippines as a place for your expansion.

The Filipino workforce is one of the foremost compelling advantages the Philippines has over the other land. With education priority, the literacy rate within the country is 94.6% – among the best. English is taught all in schools, making the Philippines the world’s third largest English-speaking country.

The Philippines is situated right within the centre of Asia – today the fastest growing region. It’s located within four hours flying time from major capitals of the region. Sited at the crossroads of the eastern and western business, it is a critical entry point to over 500 million people within the ASEAN market and a gateway of international shipping and air lanes fitted to European and American businesses.

An open economy allows 100% foreign ownership in the majority sectors and supports a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) investment scheme that other Asian countries emulate. Government corporations are being privatized and also the banking, insurance, shipping telecommunications and power industries are deregulated. From July 2020 to 2022, foreign companies are going to be eligible for a discount within the corporate tax (CIT) rate to 25 percent until 2022 as compared to the regular rate of 30 percent — the very best in ASEAN. From 2022 to 2027, the 25 percent CIT will steadily decline by a hundredth each year, to finally reach 20 percent in 2027 for foreign companies. Companies within the Special Economic Zones are subject to only 5% overall tax rates. Multinationals trying to find regional headquarters are entitled to incentives like tax exemptions and tax and duty-free importation of specific equipment and materials.

Discover the simplest of sun, sea, sand and elegance within the tropical setting teeming with the most effective of western amenities. The Philippines is second home to expatriates who enjoy the cooperation of the warmest people within the region, the country’s openness to varied cultures and a decidedly global outlook. Expats enjoy accessible and affordable luxuries – business centres, housing, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, beach resorts, and recreation centres.

A number of operating economic zones and IT parks equipped with support capabilities, where a company may locate its business with ease.

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