Privacy Policy

HIS OCS shall collect and utilize personal data (“Personal Data”) within the scope in order to provide the agreed Services to you, provide access to HIS OCS’s customer online platform, updates regarding our Services, comply with any applicable regulations and laws. It is expressly acknowledged and agreed by you that it may affect the HIS OCS’ performance in the event that HIS OCS unable to obtain your Personal Data.

Collection of your personal data may include, but not limited to name, email address, addresses, contact number, personal identification details, corporate/business information.

HIS OCS will not disclose the Personal Data to any third-party without any consent from you. HIS OCS may disclose your Personal Data wholly or partially to the extent necessary:

  1. To our affiliated companies, third-party, government agencies, and/or regulatory bodies, in order to fulfill the performance.
  2. To comply with any applicable law and regulations.