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Why Thailand

Here are 5 reasons to choose Thailand as a place for your expansion.

Convenient and beneficial trading opportunities with India, China and the members of the ASEAN. In addition, Thailand has always been one of the most popular spots for holiday makers and investors.

Thailand is one of the great countries to live in and has its own reputation for a welcoming country from its people. This can make the guests feel safe. It has beautiful places and certainly a low cost of living.

The government plans to further enhance the transportation infrastructure in Bangkok to develop the Eastern Economic Corridor and the real estate is expected to grow by 6 to 8 percent. The digital infrastructure also had been emphasized by the government to transform Thailand into a “value-based” digital economy.

The prime office in Bangkok and wages are reasonable for such a highly trained and educated workforce compared to the other ASEAN countries. In addition, the Thai government is committed to develop in education especially Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics including the vocational education program to meet the requirements of future jobs.

Thailand is welcoming foreigners to invest in the Thailand economy by offering various tax incentives to the investors. In the past years, Thailand had become one of the top countries trading partners. Thailand has attractive and stable investment policies. In addition, Thailand and Japan have a satisfactory relationship under the Japan–Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement (JTEPA) which is a free-trade agreement between Thailand and Japan.

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